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GUIDE to Tomorrowland Winter

Tomorrowland Winter is the winter festival edition of Tomorrowland that takes place every March at Alpe d’Huez for 7 days. High up in the beautiful Alps, festival goers from around the globe united again for a unique winter festival experience filled with snow, music, skiing & snowboarding and spectacular views of Alpe d’Huez’s mythical slopes.

Tomorrowland Winter


It takes place during mid to end of March every year.


It takes place at the French Alps of Alpe d'Huez. The nearest airports are Grenoble and Lyon airport.


Stay at Tomorrowland Winter's lodging

For your lodging, you can choose hotels, chalets and apartments between 4 categories: "Wood", "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold" as part of the 4-day or 7-day packages that Tomorrowland Winter provides to the festival-goers. All lodgings can be found in the simulator and ticket shop.

Stay at nearby locations

The other option is to stay at nearby hotels, chalets or apartments at your own expense by booking from third party apps or websites.


By Tomorrowland Winter's bus packages

Travel by bus from one of the departing cities where a dedicated host will welcome you and guide you to Tomorrowland Winter. Meet the People of Tomorrow and make friends along the way. Start your journey the moment you step onto your bus and let the magic begin. Bus packages include: Return bus journey to Alpe d’Huez Lodging (chalet, apartment or hotel. Tomorrowland Winter offers you buses from 11 departure cities in 3 countries. All dates, inbound and outbound hours, and pick-up locations can be found here. Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi and Ghent. France: Angers, Clermont-Ferrand, Marseille and Paris. Netherlands: Amsterdam, Breda and Rotterdam.

By airport bus

Direct bus services run from Geneva airport, Lyon airport and Grenoble airport to Alpe d'Huez. From Geneva airport to Alpe d'Huez buses run twice per day on Saturdays only. From Lyon airport to Alpe d'Huez shuttles run on Saturdays (three times per day) and Sundays (once per day) throughout the winter season, as well as once per day on weekdays (except Wednesdays) from the beginning of the Christmas week to the end of March. From Grenoble airport buses to Alpe d'Huez run every day of the winter season, several times per day.

By Car-sharing apps

You can book a car-share ride to get you at nearby locations of Alpe d'Huez through different apps like BlaBlaCar etc

By Taxi

You can get to Alpe d'Huez by booking a taxi, however the rides are expensive. Expect prices between

€ 120- € 150 one way. However, prices depends on the traffic you may find on the day of the ride.


Tomorrowland Winter has the following ticket types. The prices are indicative and subject to change.

7-day Festival Pass includes: Festival Ticket (€276) 7-day Lift & Ski Pass (€339)

4-day Festival Pass includes:: Festival Ticket (€255) 4-day Lift & Ski Pass (€210)

1-day Festival Pass includes:: Festival Ticket (€105) 1-day Lift & Ski Pass (€58)

1-day Tuesday Pass (The Gathering) includes: Festival Ticket (€52) 1-day Lift & Ski Pass (€58)


At the festival site you can find the following facilities & amenities:

Food Courts - Across various points in the festival area with many food choices and also vegetarian and vegan options as well.

Bar Stands - At every stage and throughout the festival area.​

Lockers - It also provides a huge number of lockers near the Mainstage at an extra cost though.

Merchandise Store - There is a huge TML by Tomorrowland Store inside the festival area where you'll find all the Tomorrowland official merchandise.

Lost & Found - The Lost & Found is located in the Visitor Experience Center. If the Visitor Experience Center is closed, bring objects to the Cashless Customer Service on site. They will be brought to the Visitor Experience Center the next day. International Passports will be brought to the Gendarmerie.

You can also complete the form on if you lost or found a missing property.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland Winter Facebook


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