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GUIDE to Mysteryland

Mysteryland is the leading electronic dance music festival in the Netherlands, organized by the Netherlands-based promoter ID&T. Being the first of its kind in the country when it was established, its organizers have billed the event as the oldest dance music festival in the Netherlands.



It takes place during the last weekend of August every year.


Mysteryland takes place at Haarlemmermeer, near Amsterdam.


Stay in nearby cities - You can stay in nearby locations from the festivals at your own expense, and get to the festival by car, shuttle, bus, taxi or a train to get you to the festival.

Stay at the festival campsite which offers a wide range of accommodations:

Bring Your Own Tent - The most dedicated visitors stay from Friday until Monday: on the Mysteryland camping grounds! The campsite is located right beside the festival terrain, fully equipped with facilities and everything you need: a food court, 24h store, hot showers, tapwater bar, hair salon, coffee bar, cocktail bar, styling salon, dress-up stand, yoga, massage, chill out areas, camping gear store, merchandise store, recycle store… and there is a lot more to discover. When you bring your own tent, all you need is a Camping + Weekend ticket to access our campsite. 3 Days of festival and pre- and afterparties are included!

Comfort Camping Accommodations - This includes:

SPARKLE - From €315,00 p.p.

A luxurious tent that offers a lot of space for 3 or 4 people. Package includes: Electricity and power strip, Made beds, Mattresses, Duvet with pillow, Bedding, Blankets, Lamp, Doormat, Chairs and Mysteryland welcome gift.

IMPERIAL - From €285,00 p.p.

A spacious and new at Mysteryland for 5 or 6 people Package includes: Electricity and power strip, Made beds, Mattresses, Duvet with pillow, Bedding, Blankets, Chairs, Lamp, Doormat and Mysteryland welcome gift.

STARGAZER - From €340,00 p.p.

The new lodge with more space for very comfortable nights. Package includes: Electricity and power strip, Made beds, Mattresses, Duvets with pillows, Bedding, Blankets, Lamp, Doormat, Chairs and Mysteryland welcome gift.

AMAZON - From 510,00 p.p.

A stylish lodge with porch, now on our Comfort Campsite for 2 to 4 people. Package includes: A stylish lodge with a porch, Electricity and power strip, Made beds, Bedding and pillows, Beach chairs, Mirror, USB connection and Mysteryland welcome gift.

NOMAD - From 590,00 p.p.

A new, beautiful and luxurious tent for 2 people. Package includes: Electricity and power strip, Made beds, Beach chair, Mirror, Bedding and pillows, Carpet and Mysteryland welcome gift.

MYSTIC LODGE - From €735,00 p.p.

Lockable, spacious and very pretty.... The mystic Lodge is a beauty! Package includes: Electricity and power strip, Made beds, Mattresses, Duvets, Bedding and pillows, Blankets, Night lamp, Chairs, Doormat, Mirror, Lockable door and Mysteryland welcome gift.

PREMIUM SUITE - From 1.825,00 p.p.

Over the top? YES! You can’t get more luxurious than our Premium Suite with private bathroom for 1 or 2 persons. Package includes: En-suite bathroom with shower, sink and your own toilet, 230 V Electricity and power strip, Made beds, Mattresses, Duvets & pillows, Bedding, Blankets, Carpet, Bedside lamps and ceiling lamp, Chairs, Table and Mysteryland welcome gift.

Regular Camping Accommodations - You have the following options:

MYSTERYLAND TENT - From €165,00 p.p.

The trusty Mysteryland pre-setup tent for 1 or 2 persons. Just drop your stuff, and off you go! Package includes: Mysteryland branded air mattress, Mysteryland branded pillow, Mysteryland branded sleeping bag and Mysteryland branded lamp. After the festival, this tent and gear is all yours.

TRIANGLE - From €225,00 p.p.

Slightly larger and more fancy is our Triangle option which is available for 2 persons. Package includes: Beds with mattresses , Bedding and pillows and Picnic table.

FRIENDS TENT - From €205,00 p.p.

The last option on the regular campsite is our Friends Tent for groups of 8 persons. Camp together with all your friends in this spacious group tent with made-up beds and a picnic table. Package includes: High double deluxe air mattress with integrated pillow, Sheet, Blanket and Lamp.

Camper Paradise - Not a tent person? Take your own or rented motorhome and create your own comfortable place. Book your spot at Camper Paradise and enjoy the weekend to the fullest! Just like other camping packages, you need to own a Camping + Weekend ticket in addition to this package. In case you already have your tickets you don’t need to add your tickets again. Please note that caravans are not allowed, and also make sure your camper is eligible for the Camper Paradise!

Hotels - Mysteyrland offers great Hotel packages including transfers between your hotel and Mysteryland. You can book your Hotel Package in combination with a Weekend or day ticket to Mysteryland 2023. Transfers to and from the festival are included on Saturday, Sunday transfers are optional and can be included when booking.


Myseryland can easily be reached by the following means of transportation:

By Train & Shuttle bus - The easiest way to reach the campsite is by train and shuttle bus. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday there will be a shuttle bus service from Hoofddorp train station to the campsite and back all day long. You can buy your return shuttle bus ticket in advance when ticketsales have started.

By Car - If you’re joining us by car, please use 'IJweg, Vijfhuizen' as GPS address.

By Taxi - If you travel by taxi or Uber to the campsite, please use “IJweg, Vijfhuizen” as your destination and follow the "Camping" signs. Please do keep in mind that a Shuttle bus is your fastest way to and away from the festival, as waiting times can be unpredictable at arrival and departure.

From the Schiphol airport - Landing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport from abroad? Take the train from Schiphol Airport to Hoofddorp train station (4 minutes only). From Hoofddorp train station we have a shuttle bus service to the festival and camping grounds.


Tickets for Mysteryland are split into the following different categories. The prices are indicative and subject to change.

Saturday ticket

Granting you access to the festival grounds on Saturday.

Early – €89.50 incl. service fee

Regular – €99.50 incl. service fee

Late – €109.50 incl. service fee

Sunday ticket

Granting you access to the festival grounds on Sunday.

Early – €74.00 incl. service fee fee

Regular – €84.00 incl. service fee

Weekend ticket

Granting you access to the festival grounds on Saturday and Sunday.

Earliest – €119.50 incl. service fee fee

Early – €139.50 incl. service fee [only available with camping packages]

Regular – €169.50 incl. service fee fee

Late – €189.50 incl. service fee fee

Camping + Weekend ticket

A Camping + Weekend ticket grants you access to our magical campsite from Friday until Monday.

Festival entrance for Friday (camping guests only), Saturday and Sunday, as well as access to our camping exclusive after-party on Saturday, are included in all Camping Tickets!

Earliest – €149.50 incl. service fee fee

Early bird – €179.50 incl. service fee fee

Regular – €199.50 incl. service fee

Late – €219.50 incl. service fee

Premium tickets

If you want to experience Mysteryland the most exclusive way, we're offering Premium Festival Tickets. This includes access to our premium decks at the Mainstage and Q-dance area incl own toilets, fast lane access, goodies and more.

Premium Saturday ticket – €199.00

Premium Sunday ticket – €179.00

Premium Weekend ticket - €305.00 fee

Camping + Premium Weekend ticket €335


At the festival site you can find the following facilities & amenities:

Food and Drink Stands - On the campsite and festival terrain, there’s plenty of choices when it comes to food! They serve lots of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options. For dinner or a late-night snack on our campsite, visit the food trucks in The Hangout, or the 24h food & drinks counter.

The Hangout - This is the 'living room' of our campsite. If you want to chill out with your friends or meet new people from all over the world, The Hangout is the place to be! Here you can eat, make nice videos in our TikTok booth, play awesome games, visit the dress up shop or show your cooking skills at “Heel Mysteryland bakt”. Ready for something active? Join a workout show by 3sixty5! It's also one of the best places to start your magical Mysteryland weekend.

Lockers - They provide plenty of lockers for everyone! These lockers can easily be shared: there's room for 2-3 coats in one locker. Lockers will go on sale as soon as ticketsales start.

Showers & Toilets - The campsite is equipped with flush toilets and hot showers. You can make use of the showers for a fee of one token. Showers and toilets are open 24/7! Keep in mind that there might be a waiting line in the morning.

Free Water - You can get free water at the toilet facilities, or grab one of the super-handy water-bags at the water bars and refill it all weekend long and for free! They have water bars on both the campsite and the festival grounds. You can find their locations on the floorplan.

Merchandise - At different stands located around the festival, it’s possible to pimp your outfit with limited edition Mysteryland merchandise. You can pay using cash, a credit, or a debit card.

Earplugs - Don’t forget to take care of your ears when partying 3 days straight! You can purchase earplugs at every bar.

Lost & Found - The Lost & Found counter is located at the Info stand on the Main Road. After the festival, visit the website of iLost to see if your item has been found:

Pre- and afterparties - With a Camping ticket, you get access to our Campsite-exclusive pre-& afterparties!

Image Credit: Mysteryland Facebook


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