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GUIDE to Electric Love

Electric Love is an electronic dance music festival held annually since 2013. It takes place at the second weekend in July at the Salzburgring in Plainfeld, Austria.

Electric Love Festival


It takes place at the second weekend in July every year.


It takes place at the Salzburgring in Plainfeld, Austria. The nearest airport is Salzburg airport.


Stay at festival campsite - Electric Love has the following accommodation options for camping:

Basic Camping - For those who want to stay overnight at the festival site and pitch their own tent. The basic campsite offers enough space, free sanitary facilities including hot showers and water-flushed toilets. A large supermarket with over 160 different products and are open 24 hours a day. At the Camping Marketplace, you’ll find a variety of food, from breakfast, finger food and Asian dishes to pizza, burgers and fries. There is one big activity arena for lots of fun during the day.

Comfort Camping - It has its own location, secluded from basic campers, with separate sanitary facilities as well as a supermarket, which will provide you with everything your heart desires 24h a day. In the Comfort Camping Chill Out Area you can relax and recharge your batteries for the upcoming evening. To make your arrival as easy as possible, Comfort Campers have their own nearby parking area.

Caravan Camping - The Caravan Camping has its own sanitary facilities, the Marketplace or the 24h Supermarket is also not far away and is centrally located on the basic campsite. Important – for each Caravan Vehicle Ticket, each person (including the driver) needs a separate Caravan Camping Ticket! The prices are: Caravan Camping without vehicle is € 69.23 incl. € 4.23 service fee and with Caravan Vehicle (additionally 1x Caravan Camping per person required) is € 137.39 incl. € 8.39 service fee.

Stay in hotels - Whether you want to sleep in a room in one of the hotels from 1* to 5* around the Salzburgring. Prices range from


Travel by Plane

Fly directly to Salzburg. Salzburg Airport is the OFFICIAL ELECTRIC LOVE AIRPORT and only about 30 km away from the festival site. There is no direct shuttle from the airport to the festival – but you can take the trolleybus line 2 to Salzburg main station and then use the free ELF shuttle to the festival site.

Travel by Train ÖBB

The train takes you comfortably and cheaply to Electric Love. With the Railjet you can travel from Vienna, St. Pölten or Linz to Salzburg every hour. There is also a train every hour from Innsbruck to Salzburg. From Graz or Klagenfurt there is a EuroCity or InterCity connection every 2 hours. There are also numerous train connections from Germany (e.g. Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt) to Salzburg. From Salzburg main station you can take the free Electric Love Shuttle Bus to the festival site.

Travel by Car

If you decide to arrive by car, we ask you to carpool towards Mother Earth. As you approach the Salzburgring, please follow the traffic guidance system. Don’t forget your parking ticket! Parking tickets are also available on site (increased price and while stocks last). The car park will be guarded until the end of the event. Remember that every vehicle needs a parking ticket.

Parking areas: These are temporary traffic areas, there may be uneven ground, bumps and other obstacles. Accordingly, driving should be slow and with increased caution. Parking is possible on the day of the event from 10:00 a.m. to max. 03:00 a.m. the following day (except for parking areas for camping guests). For safety reasons it is not permitted to stay overnight in the car park.

Kiss & Go: If you want to be taken to the Electric Love Festival, you can get off at the designated Kiss & Go spots. Please note that parking is prohibited here.

For CUPRA PLATIN VIP LODGE guests: Please note that access to your own CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge parking space will only be possible with a CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge Parking Ticket valid for the respective day. If you arrive by taxi or are brought by a friend, please show your admission ticket at the CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge entrance. Only then will you be allowed to enter the CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge. Of course you can also use the normal Day Guest / Non-Camper entrance to get to the CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge. You have to reckon with a walk of about 10 minutes.


You want to travel to the festival but don’t want to drive the route yourself and want to party with your friends already on the way to the festival site? Then join our travel partners. Travel comfortably from Germany, Switzerland or Italy by bus directly to our #ColorfulPlayground!

Travel by Bike

We also offer you the option of arriving by bicycle. Space for up to 50 bikes is provided at the Day Guest / Non Camper entrance. The bicycle parking area is not supervised and it is necessary to lock your bikes yourself.


The festival has the following ticket categories. The prices are indicative and subject to change.

Festival Pass - 3-Day Pass

Regular Price - 209,00 €

Late Price - 229,00€*

VIP Festival Passes - 3-Day Pass

VIP Bronze Festival Pass - 254,00 €

VIP Silver Festival Pass - 269,00 €

VIP Gold Festival Pass - 339,00 €

CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge Single Day Tickets

Regular Price: CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge Thursday – 284,00 € CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge Friday – 284,00 € CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge Saturday – 284,00 €

Late Price: Single Day Thursday – 124,00 € Single Day Friday – 124,00 € Single Day Saturday – 129,00 €

Single Day Tickets

Regular Price: Single Day Thursday – 114,00 € Single Day Friday – 114,00 € Single Day Saturday – 119,00 €

Late Price: Single Day Thursday – 124,00 € Single Day Friday – 124,00 € Single Day Saturday – 129,00 €

Warm-Up Party Wednesday

Warm-Up Party – 29,00 €


At the festival site you can find the following facilities & amenities:

Food & Drinks - You'll find plenty of food options both at the campsite and festival area including vegetarian and vegan food.

Activity Arena - Visit the Activity Arena on the campsite with countless games and contests!

Supermarket - You can buy everything you need in our supermarket right on the campsite which is open 24 hours a day.

Post Office - There is a post office both at Infield (Merchandise Megastore) where you can send a message to your loved ones who had to stay at home!

Merchandise - There is a merchandise store both at Infield (Megastore) and at the camping ground where you'll find a completely new collection of caps, hoodies, T-shirts and accessories.

Various Rides - There are not just activities at the camping site. All over the grounds we have different activities and rides for lots of fun.

Lockers - It also provides a huge number of lockers at specific locations within the festival area at an extra cost though, however for VIP ticket holders it's free.​

Image Credit: Electric Love Facebook


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