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DJ Snake throws an epic rave at McDonald's in Paris

DJ Snake

Recently, DJ Snake took over a McDonald's on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris and held a pop-up rave inside the eatery to mark his cooperation with the venerable fast food brand. The historic headlining performance at the Parc des Prince stadium, where the French superstar entertained an additional 60,000 spectators, took place one summer prior to the performance.

Before Snake entered the stage—er, counter—at ten o'clock in the evening, tables were cleared to create room for an improvised dancefloor and cash registers were replaced with his turntables. Behind him, workers at McDonald's were still working hard in the kitchen while yelling and pumping their fists. Wow, what a benefit.

An exclusive capsule collection from Snake's Pardon My French clothing line, which created a line of merchandise using the iconic Golden Arches of the corporation, was released at the same time as his impromptu McDonald's rave.

Snake has shown that inventiveness knows no limitations with this odd combination of food and electronic dance music, according to some. A double cheeseburger, fries, sugar-free Coke, and a caramel sundae are some of the items on his current trademark menu, making him the first European artist to have his own McDonald's meal.

DJ Snake: "I spent my childhood birthdays at McDonald's. They're great memories for me with my family and friends. And now it's a landmark when I'm on tour all over the world, at the end of our shows we often stop at McDonald's."

DJ Snake Mcdonalds

Images Credit: DJ Snake Socials


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