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Wantigga releases upbeat single ‘Don’t Call’ featuring Neema Nekesa


Wantigga has collaborated with vocalist Neema Nekesa on his latest release titled "LET GO," which serves as the lead single for his upcoming EP. In 'Don't Call', Wantigga draws inspiration from UK influences reminiscent of the housey drum & bass sound that gained popularity in the mid-2010s. Wantigga's innovative approach combines driving, rhythmic percussion with an irresistible R&B topline. This track, released on September 15th via Studio KOTO, marks the beginning of Wantigga's new project.

'Don't Call' is just the initial step in a larger body of work that will be released later this year as part of a new EP. Additionally, both 'Don't Call' and the upcoming EP will be transformed into an exciting audiovisual live show. Wantigga will perform these sets live using modular synths, poly-synthesizers, and drum computers.

Originating from The Netherlands, Wantigga boasts a decade-long presence in the music industry and is widely recognized for his production skills and mentorship role. He is a versatile artist, serving as a DJ, producer, rapper, and music teacher at the prestigious Herman Brood Academy in Amsterdam. His previous works include multiple EPs released on Roche Musique. Apart from numerous performances in his home country, Wantigga has taken his music to international stages in cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona, Seoul, Berlin, and Bali.

Listen to Wantigga featuring Neema Nekesa 'Dont’ Call' now via this link.


Images Credit: Cejlon Press


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