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ULTRA Europe Unveils Star-Studded Phase 2 Lineup for 10th Anniversary Edition

Phase 2

The forthcoming ULTRA Europe Music Festival's monumental 10th anniversary edition is set to deliver an unparalleled experience, boasting an impressive array of headline acts amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Croatia's picturesque coastline. With the recent unveiling of additional headliners like Afrojack and DJ Snake, the festival's lineup is more electrifying than ever, complementing the already stellar cast of performers.

Croatia's reputation as a must-visit destination further enhances the allure of the festival, offering attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in its rich cultural tapestry and explore its stunning natural landscapes. Moreover, Croatia's esteemed status as one of the safest countries globally ensures peace of mind for festival-goers, allowing them to revel in the festivities without worry.

The Phase 2 lineup announcement introduces a host of esteemed artists, from the legendary Axwell to the mesmerizing Black Tiger Sex Machine, adding depth and diversity to the musical offerings. Whether it's the pulsating beats of techno powerhouse Deborah De Luca or the infectious melodies of rising star Vintage Culture, there's something to captivate every musical palate.

Beyond the main event, the allure of Destination ULTRA beckons, promising a series of exclusive parties set against the backdrop of Croatia's idyllic islands. For those seeking the ultimate experience, the Destination Yacht Package presents an opulent voyage across the Adriatic Sea, complete with VIP access to all events and unparalleled vistas.

As Tier 2 tickets rapidly approach sell-out status, now is the opportune moment to secure your place at ULTRA Europe Music Festival. Don't miss out on the chance to indulge in three days of sensational music and unforgettable adventure amidst the splendor of Croatia's coastline.

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Images Credit: Jukebox PR Press


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