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Tomorrowland reveals all of its 2023 stages


The opening day of Tomorrowland's second weekend in Boom, Belgium, has been reached by People of Tomorrow from all over the globe. Tomorrowland's allure is created in large part by its stages, which range from the iconic, constantly-changing, but always enchanting Mainstage to dancefloors overlooked by enormous mushrooms, a serene, otherworldly face overgrown by jungle vegetation, to a friendly huge dragon. There's never a dull moment as you flip between genres including large room, techno, psytrance, house, drum & bass, and hardstyle in front of various backdrops, as you've probably seen by this point. Additionally, the stages are always a visual match for the sound walls they host. In other words, everything is taken care of when it comes to the ideal environments for dancing. Here is a tour of all stages in case you missed anything so far.

'Adscendo' Mainstage

​The 'Adscendo' Mainstage is the undisputed centerpiece of Tomorrowland, the one all People of Tomorrow are always most excited to see. In typical Tomorrowland fashion and following many years of tradition, the Tomorrowland 2023 Mainstage, representing its magical ‘Adscendo’ theme, is 100% crafted in-house at Tomorrowland, from idea to realization. From first idea sketches translated to mood boards and concept drawings to 3D-modeling and graphical assets, shaping of sculptures and manual production, the renowned creative team behind Tomorrowland has invented, drawn and brought the magical stage to life.

The Rose Garden

​Entering The Rose Garden feels like entering the dragon-like Bruce Lee in his famous movie. The dragon overlooks the field and the adjacent lake while the People of Tomorrow dance to the most diverse selection of raging party sounds.


​Built on the edge of the water, the Elixir stage is your safe haven for high-quality eclectic sounds. As you approach, the stage's mesmerizing theatrical decor casts a spell, drawing the People of Tomorrow closer with its magnetic allure.

Freedom Stage

​The Freedom Stage is a technical feat of epic proportions. Armed with a massive LED backdrop, giant dragonflies, and spotlights scanning the room for happy ravers’ faces, this is an unparalleled experience.


​The Atmosphere is a massive indoor stage filled with all the top-notch artists your techno heart could ever desire. The custom-made tent structure caters to thousands of dedicated party people and has an immense backline of LED screens to further ignite the explosive dance floor. This stage is about techno in all of its relentless shapes.


​At Cage, the darkness of clubs and warehouses is celebrated in full effect. The electronic music you’ll hear all over Tomorrowland emerged from such spaces across New York City and the Midwestern USA, before diverging into a plethora of new styles in the UK warehouse rave scene. The music today is a little different than back in the day, though. Cage is where you lose yourself to the sounds of modern techno, rave, and industrial hardcore DJs. If you love ultra-energetic vibes and rhythms, then Cage is where your friends will find you.

The Rave Cave

​Tomorrowland may have grown to be the ringleader of massive, epic, and larger-than-life festival experiences, but it will never cease to honor the roots of its musical success. The Rave Cave is the place to take you back to the original vibe of outdoor partying – back when all you needed to get down was a pair of speakers, a handful of dope-ass DJs, and a tunnel (aka the Rave Cave) to rave in.


​Enter the world of the incredible CORE stage, which has slowly but surely become a Tomorrowland classic. Now also an annual festival of its own, CORE has literally put a face to the music this year. Centered around a figure with a serene, upward gaze, the stage is a temple of human expression right in the middle of a mysterious forest. CORE is where the People of Tomorrow become one with nature while they dance to the sounds of the world’s best forward-thinking DJs.

Crystal Garden

​Smoke on the water this year at the Crystal Garden! If there ever was an enchanted swamp worth visiting, it would be this magnificent piece of floating art. Drifting on the water and steaming on all sides, it oozes eclectic beats and enticing sounds. The hosting partners this year only add to the excitement of it all. Steaminess is guaranteed.

The Library

​The Library is where you indulge in wisdom, surrounded by the giant books strewn all around the stage. Their presence is enough; there’s no need to read the pages. The Library is where DJs and performers fire their beats right at you as if they were poetry or literary fiction. The Library’s soundtrack throughout the weekend is a sweet and energetic mix of future house, big room, and even hardstyle.


​The wonderfully decorated Youphoria stage is where lush mushrooms grow abundantly, for an enhanced psychedelic experience. The fungi are delicate organisms and there is always a lot to look at here. The DJ booth is at the base of four of them, with a great view for the selector of the entire dancing crowd.

Terra Solis

​Terra Solis, Tomorrowland’s unique desert destination in Dubai, made it all the way to Belgium.

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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