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Tomorrowland announces a new limited edition festival novel for 2024

Tomorrowland LIFE

After the success of its first festival novel earlier this year, Tomorrowland is releasing a complete origin story for its new festival theme with a second fantasy adventure novel titled 'The Spirit of Life'. The novel will provide an opportunity for festivalgoers to delve into the intricate details of the new theme 'LIFE', set to debut at the festival in 2024. This initiative aims to enhance the festival experience by allowing attendees to connect with the narrative spirit at the festival grounds.

Following the approach taken for the first festival theme novel 'Adscendo,' which explored the origin story alongside a trailer and Mainstage design, 'The Spirit of Life' will share the detailed backstory of the 'LIFE' theme. This fantasy adventure novel will serve as the prequel to the 2016 'Elixir of Life' theme. Readers will be able to recognize elements from the book at the festival, creating a unique opportunity for a deeper connection.

'The Spirit of Life' is set in Silvyra, a lush and vibrant world of nature. The novel weaves a tale of friendship, unity, and the power of nature within the enchanting Tomorrowland universe. The story follows Liria of the River Clan, who, suspected of having a part in a dangerous blight, flees to find a cure before the coming Conjunction of the moons.

Pre-orders for the Limited Edition hardback with festival artwork, sprayed edges, and a map of Silvyra are now open. Each copy of the 300+ page book is individually numbered, creating a collector's item. The Limited Edition 'The Spirit of Life' will be available in English and Dutch, with shipping scheduled for spring 2024.

This storytelling initiative is part of Tomorrowland's effort to create a rich narrative world for its audience, allowing them to explore diverse and magical tales within the pages of a book. The Tomorrowland stories cater to adult readers and offer inspiring tales set in new magical worlds. The first theme with a novel, 'Adscendo', was released last year, exploring the world of Adscendo and its avian-inspired realm.

The novel is available for pre-order here from Monday December 4, in English and Dutcha at the price of €39.99.

Tomorrowland LIFE

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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