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Tomorrowland and Amazon Music present ‘We Are Tomorrow’

Tomorrowland WE ARE TOMORROW

In July 2023, Tomorrowland celebrated its illustrious 17th edition, drawing 400,000 individuals from over 200 nations to partake in two weekends of enchantment. The world-renowned electronic music festival is now excited to announce its collaboration with Amazon Music for the presentation of 'We Are Tomorrow' – a heartfelt documentary that delves deep into the magic, music, and global community that defines Tomorrowland.

'We Are Tomorrow' explores the unique journeys and personal narratives of four People of Tomorrow who attended the Belgian festival in 2023. These individuals include Brazilian DJ and producer Alok, Carlos from Peru, Alwyn from India, and Veronika from Ukraine. Their stories resonate with music enthusiasts, festival-goers, and anyone intrigued by the cultural phenomenon that is Tomorrowland.

The short film 'We Are Tomorrow' is now available for viewing on YouTube and on Amazon Music. It serves as a testament to Tomorrowland's core ethos of bringing people from diverse backgrounds together through the unifying power of music, exemplifying the festival's ability to create a global community over the past two decades.

Directed by Wim Bonte, 'We Are Tomorrow' is a 30-minute cinematic journey that beautifully portrays the stories of various individuals whose lives have been touched by Tomorrowland. The documentary introduces us to:

1. Alok: A Brazilian DJ and producer who shares his musical journey and the importance of Tomorrowland in his life. Alok: “Electronic music has always been a big part of my life. I come from a family of DJs, I grew up watching my parents play at festivals around the world, and somehow this encouraged me to follow in their footsteps. At the age of 12, I performed publicly for the first time, at 17 I went on tour alongside my brother, Bhaskar. At some time in my life, I even thought about trying other things, another profession, but music was stronger. Playing at Tomorrowland is a validation that I made the right choice. Being part of the artists who perform at Tomorrowland means leaving behind any doubts about whether or not I should have become a DJ. Tomorrowland's history intertwines with mine. Many things happened in my professional career and, I believe, in the dynamics of the festival as well. Every time we meet again, whether in Belgium or Brazil, is special!”

2. Veronika and Mykola: Ukrainian refugees who volunteered at the festival, shedding light on their unique experiences and connection to Tomorrowland. Veronika: “Music for me, it’s energy. It’s freedom. It’s something that gives you strength to move on. Tomorrowland is like a fairytale. It’s like another world where I can forget about all problems and recharge my energy and strength to move on.”

3. Carlos: A Peruvian who found love in Belgium with an Antwerp architect named Kurt, sharing their love story and how Tomorrowland played a role in it. Carlos: “Tomorrowland healed me when I was down on my lowest. I really love the part that Tomorrowland has changed every single aspect of my life.”

4. Alwyn: An Indian-Australian who brought his sister along for the adventure, experiencing Tomorrowland together for the first time. Alwyn: “I’ve been coming here since 2014 and I haven’t missed a weekend since. I feel like this is my family and my home, it makes me who I am.”

Each of these individuals shares their personal stories and what Tomorrowland means to them. The documentary features spectacular new footage of the festival, capturing its magic and energy. 'We Are Tomorrow' goes beyond music, culture, and emotion, offering viewers an intimate and authentic look at the iconic music festival, allowing them to connect with the protagonists and join in the celebration of Tomorrowland right from their homes. It's a heartfelt exploration of the festival's impact on people's lives and its ability to bring together a global community.

The short film 'We Are Tomorrow' is now available for viewing on YouTube and on Amazon Music. If you're interested in getting a glimpse of this touching documentary, you can watch the official trailer to get a sense of the captivating stories and experiences it presents. It's a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Tomorrowland and the personal journeys of those whose lives have been touched by this iconic music festival.

The short film premieres is now available to watch on YouTube and on Amazon Music.

​Check out the official trailer right now.

Tomorrowland WE ARE TOMORROW

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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