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Tiësto's album, Boris Brejcha's EP and Daft Punk's single comeback in this week's New Music Friday

New Music Friday

This week's New Music Friday is stacked with some highly awaited releases. Of course we are talking about Tiësto's seventh studio album called Drive which includes the singles The Motto, The Business, 10:35, Lay Low and All Nighter, Boris Brejcha's Level One EP that includes two releases, Level One and Wormhole and Daft Punk's Studio Outtakes, which is the unique new edition of their hit single Give Life Back To Music which introduces various kinds of classical and analog instruments.

Apart from these, the list of this week's New Music Friday also includes the new hit of Hardwell together with Sub Zero Project named Judgement Day, P.O.S aka Above & Beyond's Paavo with Deeper Tales album which consists of 12 tracks, Charlotte de Witte's new banger High Street, and Armin van Buuren's epic collaboration with the legendary duo Vini Vici and the iconic ALBA: When We Come Alive, amongst many other hot releases.

You can find our selections for this week's newest tunes on our Spotify Playlist and Instagram post below.

Image Credit: RaveQuarters Content Team


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