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SXM Festival announces debut Ibiza Summer event residency w/ Oxia, Nicolas Masseyeff at Akasha

Tomorrowland Music

The renowned SXM Festival is excited to announce its first-ever summer residency in Ibiza, promising a unique series of three exclusive events that capture the festival's signature magic. Set at Akasha/Las Dalias, a venue celebrated for its exceptional sound quality, exquisite design, and intimate atmosphere, these events will offer the off-the-beaten-path charm that has made SXM Festival a standout in the global electronic music scene. Attendees can expect intimate gatherings with surprise performances and the festival's distinctive decorations.

The residency will feature an impressive lineup of resident DJs, including the internationally acclaimed Kadosh, known for his distinctive blend of melodic house and techno. Julian Prince, the founder and artistic director of SXM Festival, will also perform, bringing his visionary narrative and passion for the culture that embodies love and happiness. Additionally, dance music legend Sander Kleinenberg, who has held major residencies in Ibiza over the last two decades, will make a triumphant return with SXM Festival.

The first event in the series will feature special performances by SXM Festival favorite Nicolas Masseyeff, known for his deep, rhythmic intensity and extensive library of releases, including his recent collaboration with Parallel on Crosstown Rebels. Fellow trailblazer Oxia, a pillar of the SXM Festival, will also perform, promising to deliver the legendary sound that has defined his career.

The following events in this trilogy will continue to showcase the festival’s favorites and preview acts set to perform at the next edition of SXM Festival, scheduled for March 12-16, 2025. Each event will embody the elements that have made SXM Festival renowned: immersive decorations, top-tier sound quality, and an atmosphere filled with surprise and high-end cabaret circus-like performers.

Julian Prince expresses his enthusiasm, saying, “Bringing the Caribbean vibes to Ibiza is a dream come true. We’re excited to merge the best of both worlds, creating a series of events that will be remembered for their innovation, intimacy, and incredible music. This is the beginning of something very special.”

Sander Kleinenberg shares his excitement, stating, “My long-standing love affair with Ibiza is ready for a rejuvenation. In conjunction with SXM, I will join the residency at Akasha for three nights, making me a part of the Ibiza I fell in love with many moons ago. Akasha represents the authentic spirit Ibiza is famous for.”

Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Jukebox PR Press


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