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Sound Waves festival from Portugal presents final line up for Winter Edition in Lisbon

Sound Waves Winter Edition

Sound Waves, a renowned Techno festival, is embarking on a new chapter in Lisbon, Portugal, with its Sound Waves Winter Edition set to take place on Saturday, December 2nd, at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion. This event marks a significant move for the festival, relocating from Esmoriz to the capital city.

The festival, scheduled from 08:30 p.m. to 06:00 a.m., boasts an impressive lineup of Techno heavyweights. Performers include OGUZ, a Dutch artist known for his intense and creative Hard Techno sounds, as well as Patrick Mason, hailing from Berlin and recognized for his underground and chameleon-like sound reminiscent of the iconic Berghain Club. Fatima Hajji, with her unique stage technique, and Marco Bailey from Brussels, a legendary figure in the Techno scene, are also set to captivate the audience.

The lineup further features Cera Khin, an emerging artist in the global Techno scene, and CLTX from France, whose heavy metal influenced set is bound to energize Techno enthusiasts. Brazilian artist Joanna Coelho, celebrated for her electrifying sets with Techno Pumping fusions, will bring her unique style to the stage. Additionally, Portuguese talent DU/ART, the boss of Techno Groove, will be part of the event, rounding out the diverse and exciting lineup for the Sound Waves Winter Edition in Lisbon.

In 2023, Sound Waves is solidifying its brand with a series of remarkable events. The year kicked off with Sound Waves Invites at Hard Club, Porto, on March 4th, followed by the unforgettable summer edition in Esmoriz on July 8th. The expansion continued with the premiere of Sound Waves Winter in Lisbon on December 2nd. The year will conclude with the grand finale, Sound Waves Invites X-Mas Edition in Porto, scheduled for December 16th at Hard Club.

Throughout these events, Sound Waves remains committed to its DNA, emphasizing both established and emerging artists. The festival aims to provide a platform for new talents in the electronic music industry, making it the only festival in Portugal with a heart in Techno and an underground essence. Sound Waves continues to celebrate the vibrant and diverse landscape of electronic music, showcasing both renowned and rising stars, creating unforgettable experiences for music enthusiasts in Portugal.

You can find the full lineup of Sound Waves Winter Edition below.

Sound Waves Winter Edition

Images Credit: LM PR Agency Press


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