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Silver Panda, Like Mike and Against All Ødds come together for ‘Unity’

In a remarkable joint effort, the Israeli DJ pair Silver, the Belgian artist Like Mike, and their fellow Israeli DJ/producer Against All Ødds have collaborated on an exciting new single titled 'Unity,' which is now available on Tomorrowland Music. 'Unity' takes the form of a mesmerizing and melodically rich techno track, characterized by flowing synth melodies, energetic beats, and euphoric crescendos that steadily lead to an awe-inspiring breakdown. As the tension steadily mounts throughout the composition, the drop introduces a captivating synth element, demonstrating a splendid range of engaging soundscapes.

Showcasing his artistic prowess and adaptability, Like Mike is once again broadening his solo repertoire as he enters the release roster of Tomorrowland Music with his second single. This follows his earlier track 'Feel You Close' in 2022. Even though he remains a prominent part of the renowned duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, his individual releases are undoubtedly deserving of attention. They serve as a testament to the seasoned dance music veteran's knack for delivering high-quality house and techno productions.

'Silver Panda,' 'Like Mike,' and 'Against All Ødds' have contributed 'Unity' to a carefully selected series of festival releases presented by Tomorrowland Music. This collection serves as a precursor to Tomorrowland Brasil, commemorating the festival's return to Brazil, set to take place from October 12-14, 2023. Tomorrowland Music has brought together a lineup of some of the electronic music industry's most notable artists on their record label to mark this significant occasion.

'Unity' is out now via all platforms.

Like Mike Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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