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Sentinel release their debut 3-track EP ‘Eyes On You’

Tomorrowland Music Sentinel

The release of Sentinel's debut EP, 'Eyes On You', on Tomorrowland Music marks a significant milestone in their musical journey. Consisting of three tracks, the EP showcases the Australian trio's diverse musical abilities and creativity.

The first track, 'Eyes On You', is described as a high-energy dance record, suggesting an infectious and lively vibe that is sure to get listeners moving. Following this, 'Get That Love' is introduced as a captivating dance smash, indicating an engaging and catchy composition designed to leave an impression.

The EP's highlight, 'Hallucinate', is described as a heavy-hitting track infused with a darker and more insistent driving beat. With a mix of minimal grooves, gritty electronic effects, and a catchy drop, this track promises a unique and immersive listening experience.

Overall, 'Eyes On You' represents Sentinel's ability to craft dynamic and compelling electronic music, setting them apart as promising talents in the industry. The EP's diverse range of tracks showcases their versatility and creativity, making it an exciting release for fans of electronic dance music.

'Eyes On You’ (Full EP) is out now via all platforms.

Tomorrowland Music Sentinel

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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