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Reinier Zonneveld and Kiki Solvej drop their first release of 2024

Reinier Zonneveld and Kiki Solvej

Reinier Zonneveld and Kiki Solvej, a dynamic techno duo, have once again joined forces to release their latest collaboration, "Sünden". The track serves as a tribute to the creativity and magnetic synergy that defines their partnership.

Translating to "sins" in German, "Sünden" lives up to its name, offering a sinful, sultry, and energetic sound destined to captivate the dance floor. As a techno power couple, Reinier Zonneveld and Kiki Solvej seamlessly blend their individual styles, creating a unique musical experience that pushes boundaries and defies expectations.

The release showcases raw energy and pulsating beats, highlighting Reinier and Kiki's undeniable impact on the techno scene. With their distinct styles and a shared passion for harder sounds, the duo continues to make a lasting mark on the electronic music scene with "Sünden".

Kiki Solvej says: "Reinier and I were in the studio after a rave. We still felt the party and the night we had. The sweat we sweated and the sins, these beautiful sins, that are in all of us ravers. This track is an ode to the glorious sins of us partying kids, an ode to the nights, an ode to our hearts beating in the rhythm of the night. Can you feel, what we feel?”

Reinier Zonneveld Kiki Solvej

Images Credit: The Media Nanny Press


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