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Quintino delivers AFROJACK edit of ‘The Beach’

Dance music icons Quintino and AFROJACK have collaborated on a new track titled 'The Beach' (AFROJACK edit), which is now available on Tomorrowland Music. This marks their reunion since their 2011 release 'Selecta.' The duo presents a dynamic production infused with genuine rave energy and fast-paced beats, ensuring a memorable experience and guaranteed crowd excitement. With a track record spanning over fifteen years and a solid reputation for producing festival and club hits, Quintino and AFROJACK have once again crafted a timeless anthem in 'The Beach' (AFROJACK edit), poised to ignite dancefloors with absolute fervor.

Quintino: “It’s been over 1+ years since AFROJACK and I released a song together! It is finally time for a new one. ‘The Beach’ combines the best of our styles and it has been going off in our sets ! I’m so hyped for this song to play it in my upcoming shows. Lets go!”

Quintino Afrojack Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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