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One World Radio launches the brand-new 24/7 radio channel ‘Tomorrowland Anthems’

Tomorrowland One World Radio

The brand-new 24/7 radio channel 'Tomorrowland Anthems' is now available on One World Radio, even if the magical 17th edition of Tomorrowland is over. The People of Tomorrow will be taken on a non-stop, high-energy musical adventure with 'Tomorrowland Anthems', a channel that joins the main One World Radio channel and the "Daybreak Sessions" channel. It will feature the most iconic and anthemic Tomorrowland tracks, selected by the festival's official radio station. You can join in the fun as you celebrate the power of music and the unity it provides, 24/7 via and the Tomorrowland App, and expect to hear a combination of the biggest and most memorable songs in Tomorrowland history, as well as the hottest and most popular singles of the moment.

Tune in to the 'Tomorrowland Anthems' every day 24/7 via and the Tomorrowland App.

Tomorrowland One World Radio

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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