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OGUZ teams up with Farrago on ‘TOKYO SZN’, the fourth track of his Summer Series

OGUZ is an artist whose journey in the electronic music world combines his Dutch upbringing with his Turkish heritage, resulting in a unique fusion. Over nearly a decade, he has made a significant impact on the global Techno scene, captivating audiences with his mesmerizing performances and innovative music productions. OGUZ has also established 808 STUDIOS, a groundbreaking record label and creative collective, marking the beginning of a new era where art and music intersect.

One of OGUZ's recent projects is "The Summer Series," which is currently unveiling its fourth track. This series, consisting of six parts, represents a forward-looking direction, promising an exciting fusion of sound and visual artistry. It serves as a testament to OGUZ's commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new creative horizons in the electronic music landscape.

The upcoming release on 808 STUDIOS is the electrifying track titled 'TOKYO SZN,' a collaborative effort between OGUZ and Belgian DJ and producer, Farrago. The track opens with swirling, high-pitched synth keys that create an entrancing atmosphere, complemented by a menacing bassline. With a commanding big room sound, the track features a barrage of snares and hi-hats that add to its intensity. The kick drum patterns shift, creating a dynamic push-and-pull energy with abrupt fluctuations. Amidst this sonic landscape, there are indiscernible vocals and choir samples that provide a human touch as they dance over blistering acid lines and percussive elements. 'TOKYO SZN' is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic releases on 808 STUDIOS to date.

Scheduled for release on September 8th, 'TOKYO SZN' marks the fourth release from the ever-expanding 808 STUDIOS. OGUZ, driven by a passion for nurturing emerging talent, has curated the label to propel electronic music and its rising artists forward. The label's philosophy, mirroring OGUZ's artistic journey, prioritizes diverse emotional experiences over rigid genre constraints, ensuring that each release carries a distinct and impactful essence.

OGUZ says: “I hope to connect cultures and styles as well as provide a platform for artists to showcase. It’s mind blowing to see the enthusiasm of my audience about this project.”

You can listen to TOKYO SZN here.

OGUZ Farrago

Images Credit: The Media Nanny Press


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