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Nitefreak teams up with &friends and vocalist Phina Asa for new afro-house tune 'Ike Onu'

The release of "Ike Onu" by Nitefreak in collaboration with &friends sounds like an exciting addition to the world of Afro-house music. This joint effort, following the success of Nitefreak's remix of &friends' debut single, showcases the power of collaboration in music. The title "Ike Onu", which means "Stronger Together" in Igbo, already hints at the theme of unity and resilience.

With soulful vocals by Phina Asa and a blend of signature sonic elements from both Nitefreak and &friends, it's bound to create a captivating and emotive listening experience. The heartfelt lyrics that reflect on the challenges of modern life and the importance of collaboration align perfectly with the message of the track.

Overall, "Ike Onu" seems like a track that not only brings together talented artists but also delivers a meaningful message through its music. It's sure to resonate with fans of Afro-house and those who appreciate music that carries a deeper message of unity and strength.

Phina Asa says::“The idea behind this song was that I thought about the world today, and how it doesn't look how it used to. ​ It's getting more challenging ​ and complex, and in life we can’t thrive on our own without any help. ​ We need people to support us, push us, hold us accountable, and help us grow.”

Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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