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Navos joins forces with Brad McDermott for 'All I Need'

Navos, the highly recognized DJ and producer from Liverpool, has teamed up with Brad McDermott for their brand-new dance/electro pop song, 'All I Need', which is out now on Tomorrowland Music. With more than 130 million streams on Spotify, Navos independently released song 'Believe Me' quickly became the breakout dance anthem of 2021. The well-known UK hitmaker is back with another catchy record that instantly sticks in any listener's head - ideal for playing repeatedly in clubs and on festival stages around the world.

'All I Need’ is out now via all platforms.

Navos: “Brad McDermott played me this in the studio and I had to jump on it and make a mix. Perfect for the club.”

Brad McDermott: “I was playing about with this track in the studio for a while and it was starting to feel like a summer banger. I hit up Navos to see what he thought and if he wanted to have a play. He added his magic touch and we’ve ended up with a massive vibe! I’ve always loved Navos’ sound, so I’m really excited we’re doing this collab together.”

Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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