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Max Styler reveals his captivating tune 'Lose Your Mind'

Today on Tomorrowland Music, Max Styler debuted his brand-new mesmerizing song, 'Lose Your Mind'. Max Styler has teamed up with UK singer-songwriter Jem Cooke, best known for her stunning vocals and co-writing on CamelPhat's & Cristoph's 'Breathe', to create a new song. This collaboration comes after Max Styler completed his Spring "North American Tour" across 30 cities in the USA and Canada and after a massive release on John Summit's label that moved him to Beatport's coveted #1 spot. With each new release, the dynamic producer experiments and develops. He is currently providing an energizing dance song with a solid bassline, hazy synthesizers, alluring vocals, and restless energy that come together to make a superb dancefloor cut. 'Lose Your Mind' demonstrates the amazing developments that are on the horizon as it continues to create waves around the globe.

'Lose Your Mind' is out now via all platforms.

Jem Cooke: “‘Lose Your Mind’ was written over a Zoom session with producers Jack & Coke and Max. I really wanted to tap into that feeling where you’re trying to give somebody you love permission to completely lose control and surrender to their surroundings. To feel how they’re feeling and let go of all worries because you know that you’re both in a safe space and it’s okay to totally let go and feel everything they’re feeling in that specific moment and getting totally lost in the music.”

Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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