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Mau P comes full circle with Swedish House Mafia remix

Mau P Steve Angello

Mau P's official remix of Swedish House Mafia's 'Ray Of Solar' has just dropped overnight. This track, 'Ray Of Solar', is part of Swedish House Mafia's upcoming album and serves as a significant element in their highly anticipated return. Mau P, with his remix, skillfully retains the essence of the original while infusing it with a euphoric touch, turning the song into a true masterpiece. This remix of 'Ray Of Solar' serves as a natural progression from Mau P's earlier work on "Metro," where he initially delved into this style of production.

Mau P continues to demonstrate his trademark rapid pace in the music scene. In 2022 alone, this Dutch artist has been churning out both original tracks and remixes for some of the most prominent figures in the dance music industry at an impressive rate. At the beginning of the year, Mau P had just one single to his name, but fast forward eight months, and his discography is now filled with remixes for notable artists like Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, and Armand van Helden. Additionally, he has released several original tracks, including the 2023 summer anthem 'Metro', marking an undeniably remarkable achievement.

Mau P reflects on his musical journey, acknowledging that music is an integral part of his DNA, and he credits early influences from Swedish House Mafia for setting him on this path. His remix of their track represents a full-circle moment for him. When asked about this latest venture, Mau P expresses his excitement, stating that while he often finds himself sharing quotes about dreams coming true, this experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Steve Angello, the one third of Swedish House Mafia, added his thoughts on the collaboration, saying: “We've been watching Mau P for some time and like what he has been up to. We are really glad to have him do a remix of our latest single, Ray Of Solar, enjoy!”

Listen to Mau P’s Ray Of Solar remix via this link.

Mau P Steve Angello

Images Credit: Cejlon Press


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