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MANDY lands on Tomorrowland Music with ‘Get Stompin’

MANDY Tomorrowland Music

Belgian hardstyle sensation MANDY is introducing her latest single, 'Get Stompin', released on Tomorrowland Music today! Making her debut on Tomorrowland's label, MANDY delivers a powerful dancefloor anthem that showcases her prowess in the world of harder styles. This release marks her first since joining Tomorrowland.

'Get Stompin' kicks off with a compelling, driving beat and a pulsating bass, setting the stage for an energetic dancefloor experience. The track exudes a sexy and groovy vibe, inviting ravers to immerse themselves in real rave energy right from the first moment and providing partygoers with the perfect burst of energy to dance through the night.

MANDY: “Always trying to push the boundaries within the harder styles of dance music, we came up with this catchy vocal and straight-to-the-floor melody to create a real dancefloor banger that people can't stop raving to. It turned out to be a ‘'less is more'’ track where some key elements are really popping out. Make sure to play this one on proper speakers to enjoy the full experience.”

MANDY Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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