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Lilly Palmer drops her newest track and music video with ‘My Fantasy’

Lilly Palmer

Lilly Palmer, a prominent figure in the techno scene, continues to make waves with her latest release, "My Fantasy". Hailing from Zurich, Lilly Palmer has established herself as a versatile talent, seamlessly navigating both the main stages of major festivals like Tomorrowland and the depths of underground techno venues. Her dedication to crafting a unique sound is evident in her extensive discography.

"My Fantasy" represents a departure from her usual techno sound, exploring more accessible and eclectic elements while maintaining high-energy, peak-time vibes. The track features Lilly Palmer's distinctive vocals, inviting listeners to "Come with me in my fantasy" and immerse themselves in the infectious beats.

Accompanying the release is an exclusive music video for "My Fantasy". This softer approach to techno follows her previous hit, "We Control". Lilly Palmer's ability to explore new facets of her craft and connect with her audience positions her as a trailblazer in the evolving techno scene. With passion, creativity, and unwavering dedication, Lilly Palmer continues to leave an indelible mark on the global electronic music landscape.

Lilly Palmer says: "I often take inspiration from TikTok and had seen some videos there of women wearing AI-generated armour on the beach. I actually found it very cool and thought, let's do it without AI, so I bought the right outfit and went to the beach in the evening. The cold literally almost killed me, but the result was worth it. I think the hype around the song has a lot to do with the vocals and the video. It stimulates the imagination, and that's a good thing, right?"

You can listen to 'My Fantasy' here.

Lilly Palmer

Images Credit: The Media Nanny Press


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