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Like Mike launches his new solo project HEREON

Tomorrowland Like Mike

Belgian DJ and producer Like Mike has unveiled the first single from his new project, HEREON. The track, titled "Pulsating Energy", is part of his upcoming debut album as HEREON, released on Tomorrowland Music. "Pulsating Energy" delves into the realms of progressive and melodic techno, offering a unique and distinct sonic experience. The track takes listeners on a captivating journey, building up to a breathtaking breakdown filled with a diverse array of compelling sounds. This release marks the beginning of Like Mike's new venture, with more singles from HEREON expected to drop in the coming weeks.



About Tomorrowland Music

Tomorrowland has expanded the family with its own music label: Tomorrowland Music. Tomorrowland Music is a dedicated music division within Tomorrowland, collaborating closely with both artists and labels, supporting them in all their recording and release activities. 


Tomorrowland Music has partnered with Virgin Distribution and Virgin Records. As part of the Universal Music Group, Virgin has been one of the industry leaders in music distribution and independent records labels for many years. Tomorrowland Music is delighted to be working closely with Virgin and looking forward to taking the label to a higher level together.


Stay tuned for a stellar line-up of renowned artists from all different levels who can’t wait to release their music on Tomorrowland Music, encompassing a multitude of genres.

Tomorrowland Like Mike

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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