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KREAM drop their new captivating single ‘The Switch’

KREAM Tomorrowland

Norwegian duo KREAM has released a new single titled "The Switch" on Tomorrowland Music. Comprising brothers Daniel and Markus Slettebakken, KREAM infuses their signature production style into this captivating track, combining a robust bassline, hazy synths, magnetic vocals, and restless energy.

KREAM has gained recognition for their LIQUID: LAB livestream series, where they merge their unique sound with breathtaking natural landscapes in Norway. The series features stunning mountains, hilltops, and lakes as backdrops to their serene melodies. With each new release, the duo continues to experiment and evolve, and "The Switch" is a testament to their ability to deliver an energizing dance anthem.

As part of Tomorrowland Music's roster, KREAM contributes to the label's diverse catalog with their distinct blend of electronic music. The duo's dynamic approach to production and their immersive live performances have established them as prominent figures in the electronic music scene.

KREAM Tomorrowland

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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