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Jengi enters 2023 with the rave-ready and hard-hitting 4-track release


The 'Nothing Is Easy' EP, a new dance floor-focused release from Dutch producer Jengi, is finally out. The 'Nothing Is Easy' EP, which has 4 tracks that further demonstrate Jengi's unrivaled talent to produce raw and hard-hitting club music, is available right now via FFRR.

The new song from Jengi was written by the up-and-coming musician to capture the adored energy he so masterfully conjures in his club sets. The Nothing Is Easy EP showcases his extraordinary ability to glide through electronic genres, including bassline, speed garage, melodic organ house, techno, and phonk. He strives to play 100% Jengi music during each of his concerts.

The Nothing Is Easy EP marks the beginning of a run of brand-new songs from Jengi as well as a number of international tour dates in 2023 at prestigious music festivals like Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Elektric Park (Paris), Summerburst (Stockholm), and more.

Jengi: “I’ve created this EP based on how I want people to experience my live sets, so each track has been made with the build-up and the audience response in mind. The Nothing Is Easy EP is exactly the variety of tracks which I’m playing in my live sets where I aim to have 100% Jengi produced music. This is the level of engagement which I’m aiming to create with my fanbase. I’m not a DJ who plays other people’s track, but a performer who people come to see and to hear me play my own music and productions.”


Images Credit: Cejlon Press


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