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Interview with Tomcraft


We had the chance to have an interview with Tomcraft thanks to Urbran Rebels PR. We asked Tomcraft questions about how this year went, his recent release, his work-life balance, and his future plans. Here's the full interview:

2023 is almost over, what was the highlight of it and why? 

The “Rave The Planet” parade in Berlin with 350,000 people.  

I arrived quite late and had to wade through the crowd to find my float (Westbam & friends) - that was a total flash. I was overwhelmed by the crowds and the exuberant, party-loving and peaceful atmosphere. My set was unbelievably fun and the crowd around us had the biggest party experience of the year;-) 


‘Loneliness’ has been out for a few weeks only and the streams keep on rising with a high volume, what does that mean to you? 

A lot. Loneliness was a great success in 2002 and therefore it was a big task to make the new version convincing. We succeeded and the success makes me very happy. 


What was the feeling like of collaborating with 2 world class artists, DJs from Mars and especially Hardwell? 

Of course it's great to work with artists like Hardwell and DJs from Mars. The cool thing is that the three of us managed that collaboration It didn't take us long to understand each other and realise our ideas. The whole team was and is very professional, which makes the job fun. 


Why do you think Loneliness has had so much success over the years? 

When Loneliness was recorded, there was a big euphoria in the studio. After the huge success this euphoria never ended. To this day, I love to play Loneliness in every set, and it's fantastic. I'm very proud to have such a timeless number. The new version with Hardwell and DJs from Mars is now the opportunity to present Loneliness to the new generation who may not even know the original. 


How do you handle personal life and work life balance?  

My family. We spend a lot of time together. When I'm not on tour, I work at home. So there's always something going on and I'm guaranteed never to get bored :-) 


How do you keep motivation to produce music while touring? 

When I feel like making sound, I like to do it on tour. Hotel rooms make more sense that way:-) But I mainly produce in the studio. 


What are your goals or ambitions for the next year? 

My next releases “That Beat” and “Rude Place” are already recorded and i´m looking forward to present it to you. More will follow!

About DJs From Mars

Tomcraft, born Thomas Brückner on June 10, 1975, in Munich, Germany, is a veteran DJ and producer recognized for his contributions to the techno and electronic music genres. With a career spanning several decades, Tomcraft gained international acclaim in the early 2000s with his breakout hit "Loneliness." Released in 2002, the track became a dance music anthem and established him as a prominent figure in the global electronic music scene. Known for his skillful production techniques and ability to create infectious beats, Tomcraft has continued to be a respected name in the industry.

Over the years, Tomcraft has maintained a consistent presence in the electronic music landscape, releasing a series of successful albums and singles. His versatility as an artist is evident in his ability to navigate various sub-genres within electronic music, showcasing his adaptability and continued relevance. With a reputation for delivering energetic and memorable performances, Tomcraft remains an influential figure in the evolution of electronic dance music.


Images Credit: Resident Advisor / Mixing.DJ


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