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Interview with Sam Feldt at Amsterdam Dance Event

Sam Feldt Amsterdam Dance Event

During our press trip at Amsterdam Dance Event, we had a brief interview with Sam Feldt. We asked Sam questions about his career, his own show during Amsterdam Dance Event and also about his Heartfeldt Foundation. Here's the full interview:

So, Sam, nice to meet you, first of all. Likewise. How does it feel that ADE is here again, to be part of the biggest electronic music gathering once again?

"It's great. I mean, I said it before in other interviews as well. It's just nice because this is my hometown, right. So it's good that and I'm a DJ, of course. So those elements together are great because you get so much energy. There's a big hype around Amsterdam. It's really cool that we can represent Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a dance country and of like for me, it's a great opportunity to get all my fans in the same place and then do a show as well where we know, kind of, present the new music and a new show. Because I haven't done a whole lot of shows in the Netherlands lately. So it's good to have that honour, that one show where everybody can come to and experience what Sam Feldt is about now."

So the second question is about that. This year you have your own event along with your label, Heartfeldt. Are you excited about it?

"Yeah, I'm super excited about it. We did the same venue last year as Endless Summer with Jonas Blue. So slightly different style. But that's sold out completely. And I think this year will be sold out as well, which is great. Melkweg is a very iconic venue. It's next to Paradiso, I think, the most well known venues in the Netherlands, perhaps. So it's really an honour for me to have my own night, especially on a Saturday in that iconic venue with, I don't know, 1200 of my closest fans, that it's so crazy for me to think about the fact that so many people buy a ticket to come see me that love the music. So, yeah, I'm excited for it."

Under which criteria have you chosen the artists that will play at your event? Are they friends of you? Do you like their music, or you may collaborate with some of them in the future?

"So it's kind of a mix. We have some guys who release on Heartfelt, which you want to give a podium, like the smaller upcoming guys like Thomas Nan and Nome. We've got Lady B playing as well. And then I just have a good relationship with the more headline artists like Felix Yaehn. I love his music. We've been in touch since the early SoundCloud days before he dropped Cheerleader Remix. We were already chatting, so it's really cool to have him at the event. Julian Jordan is a great DJ. I've known him for years as well. And then Moksi is one of my personal favorite house music artists. So it's kind of like curated by my personal taste friendships. But also because it's a Heartfelt event, we also book some Heartfelt artists."

You have treated us with many releases this year, along with some remixes. Do you have anything else planned until the end of the year?

"Yeah, so, I mean, I just released a club track called ‘All The Things She Said’ on my own label, which is kind of scary for me because I don't do a lot of club music. So I still have to see what the response is from the fans. But so far I think they like it also to be able to play my club tracks in my set. That's something I never had before because I always had my own radio singles, but never a club track. And then Friday, I'm dropping my new single, it's called ‘Memories’, doing that with Sofiloud. And that's going to be like the big end of the year radio single that we have planned, which features a very iconic melody.

As we're approaching the end of the year, what was the highlight of it and why?

"Oh, wow, it's a good one. I did so much this year. Maybe our baby. It's not born yet. Let's note I'm becoming a father. That's definitely the highlight of for the next year. In April next year we are getting a little boy. So I'm excited for that. But from the music point of view, I think it was collaborating with Tones and I, who's of course, like one of the best streamed artists on Spotify ever. So that was really a fun experience. I lived in Bali for two months, so we did a lot of like, I did a studio session with her there, but also toured Asia from that Bali home base, which was a really cool experience to live somewhere else for a longer period. So I think those two things are really things that stand out."

And lastly, can you please tell us a few words about the Heartfeldt Foundation? I found it really interesting, so I think the fans have to know what it's all about.

"Yeah, of course. I started the Heartfeldt Foundation a couple of years ago because I saw that I was making a lot of people happy with my shows, but I was also one of the most polluting guys in the world, like, flying everywhere, CO2 coming into the air. So I pretty much asked myself, like, hey, okay, how can I continue to make people happy and spread happiness around the world with my shows, but do it in a way where my children or grandchildren are also able to still enjoy it? And that's kind of the basis of the foundation. It works on four pillars: Give, Do, Inspire, and Empower. So ‘Give’ is about raising money and then pretty much putting it to work for charity projects. So, for example, a forest in Costa Rica, like Biogas projects in Uganda. Like, we've done a couple of different projects. ‘Do’ is about leading by example. So, for example, my rider is green, so transportation is green. No plastic in the green room, stuff like that. I'm working with a company from my hometown to develop nature friendly CO2 cannons which are based on hydrogen instead of CO2. So stuff like that. And then really quickly inspires stuff like this. Talking about it, like making sure that awareness about the issues and then empowers working with the right companies that are doing well in terms of sustainable ability. I could speak for hours about it. Try to keep that's all for me now."

Thank you so much for your time and thanks for coming here after all.

About Sam Feldt

Sam Feldt, born Sammy Renders on August 1, 1993, in Boxtel, Netherlands, is a prominent Dutch DJ and electronic music producer known for his distinctive tropical house sound. Rising to fame with his viral remix of "Show Me Love" by Robin S, Feldt quickly gained recognition for his melodic and upbeat tracks that often incorporate elements of deep house and pop. His popular releases include "Summer on You," "Runaways," and "Post Malone," showcasing his talent for creating catchy, feel-good anthems. Beyond his musical contributions, Sam Feldt has actively engaged in sustainability efforts within the music industry, aligning his passion for music with a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. His dynamic live performances at major festivals worldwide solidify his status as a leading figure in the electronic dance music scene.

Sam Feldt Amsterdam Dance Event

Images Credit: Sam Feldt Facebook / Rave Quarters


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