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Interview with Oliver Heldens at Parookaville

Oliver Heldens Parookaville

During our press trip at Parookaville, we had an a really short mini interview with Oliver Heldens due to his busy schedule and time constraints. We though asked Oliver a really important question about this recent alias Hi-Lo. Here is the the short interview between us and Oliver Heldens:

You have released so many tracks, both as Oliver Heldens and HI-LO as well. Which one do you enjoy the most?

"Well, I love doing both, but yeah, the last three years, I've been a little bit more focused on Hi-Lo, like for me, that has been a little bit more exciting, I guess. But at the same time, at the moment, I'm working on a lot of bit higher BPM trancy ravy stuff as Oliver Heldens, which I like to call 'EuroRave'. And I'm also really excited about those things so, yeah, it's really hard to pick. I love doing both."

About Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens, a Dutch DJ and producer who specializes in house music, has worked in most sub-house genres. The DJ exhibits his dedication and love for his music by participating in more than 100 shows in a calendar year. Oliver drew inspiration from producers Kaytranada and Disclosure as well as the UK deep house vibe. He was given the chance to join with Spinning Records in 2013 where he put out a few tracks, but his major break didn't come until the deep house track 'Gecko' was released. The song took off and peaked at number one in the UK charts. Tiesto expressed his desire to sign the music to his label 'Musical Freedom' after receiving the song from the artist. In 2015, Oliver founded Heldeep label combined with a weekly radio show. The DJ and producer was keen to promote aspiring producers. What transpired was the release of the “Heldeep talent” EP with some of the label's emerging producers. Heldens and the label's new talent went on to tour many countries around the world.

Oliver Heldens Parookaville

Image Credit: Rave Quarters / NRJ Cyprus


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