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Interview with Meduza at Parookaville

Joel Corry Parookaville

During our press trip at Parookaville, we had an interview with the 1/3 of the Italian trio Meduza, Mattia Vitale, before his debut set at the Dessert Valley stage of the festival. Τhe discussion revolved around their music and latest releases, but also for its debut at Parookaville. Here is the full interview between us and Meduza:

So, first time Parookaville. How are you feeling?

"Excited. I really looking forward to play as I never played before in front of this crowd. I don't play often here, so it's going to be really exciting."

We know that Meduza is an Italian trio, but most of the times you perform alone. Is there a reason behind it?

"Yeah, I'm basically the DJ of the group because the other two, especially Luca is focusing more on the music in the studio, and then we join him when he got the right idea to work on something. Or sometimes he tours with us just to take inspiration and stuff like that. And from this year, Simone would start touring too, because he's a DJ as well, and we have a few residencies around the world, like Vegas and Ibiza. And I can't be in the same place, of course, in the same night, so basically It's a necessary thing."

You have treated us with lots of new releases in the past weeks.Which one was your favorite or being excited for it?

"From what we have already released, my favorite at the moment is 'Friends', the one that we've released on our own label 'Eterna'. And it's my favorite because it's a mix between the melodic side and the techno that I really love. So it's really characteristic."

One last question. How do you find the artists you are collaborating with?

"Honestly, everytime I play, I play new music, new promos. And when I get something, when I recognize something interesting, some new sounds and some new things in a track, I usually try to be connected with that artist. I text him, I don't know, on Instagram and on Socials, and then trying to be in the studio with them or sharing ideas and then making something together if that happens. If not, anyway, I'll play them."

About Meduza

Meduza is an italian trio, consisting of Luca De Gregorio, Mattia Vitale, and Simone Giani. The collaborative group of the three Italian producers had a huge hit with their 2019 single 'Piece of Your Heart', which combines sweet vocal hooks with a melodic house backbone. As the group gained popularity within the electronic dance music community, their anthem, which has been streamed hundreds of millions of times, was followed by other singles including 'Bad Memories' and 'Pegasus' in the last 2 years.

Meduza Parookaville

Image Credit: Rave Quarters / NRJ Cyprus


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