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Interview with Joel Corry at Parookaville

Joel Corry Parookaville

During our press trip at Parookaville, we had an interview with the English DJ and producer, Joel Corry, before his set at The Bill's Factory. Τhe discussion revolved around his performances, both at festivals and his residencies, but also his career and what the future holds for him. Here is the full interview between us and Joel Corry:

Firstly, how does it feel to be here at Parookaville?

"I’m so happy to be here at Parookaville. It’s my second year, so when I came last year, I said after that was one of the best festivals I've played, and when I got asked to come back again, I said yes straight away. It's a special place, special festival and I love being here."

So apart from playing at festivals, we know that you have a residency at Ibiza as well. Which one do you prefer and why?

"Ibiza is an amazing place. I've been going to Ibiza since I was 18 years old, and for dance music, it's just a magical island, so it's like my second home. So I will always have a huge love for Ibiza. But then coming to play at big festivals like this, it is very exciting and such an adrenaline rush and an amazing experience. So I can't give you an answer. I love them both.

Is there anything special coming up in the second half of this year which you'll be waiting for?

"Yeah, my album is coming in September, so this summer I'm releasing a lot of music building up towards the album, so keep a lookout. That'll be coming in September."

And lastly, what do you hope to achieve in your future career as a producer?

"Oh, wow. You know what? At the moment, I'm living my dream. I'm traveling around the world, DJing at the best festivals, at the biggest stages, working with amazing artists on my music, having hit records, this is everything I ever wanted to do in life. So I just want to keep going. I want to see how far I can take this. I want to work with more artists and travel to more countries and basically just keep doing what I'm doing, man. And stay focused, keep working hard and just keep riding this amazing wave."

About Joel Corry

Joel Corry is a British DJ and producer, who is primarily influenced by UK garage and R&B from the 1990s and 2000s, combining exuberant beats with longing emotions. He had a massive hit in 2019 with a rendition of Monsta Boy's 'Sorry', and the following year with 'Head & Heart', starring MNEK, he achieved his first U.K. Number one. With his 'Bed' duet with David Guetta and RAYE from 2021, Corry also made it into the U.K. Top 20. Later, he released the EP Four for the Floor and tracks with artists including Bryson Tiller and Tom Grennan.

Joel Corry Parookaville

Image Credit: Rave Quarters / NRJ Cyprus


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