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Interview with DJs From Mars

Sam Feldt Amsterdam Dance Event

We had the chance to have an interview with DJs From Mars thanks to Urbran Rebels PR. We asked DJs Form Mars questions about their career, their recent releases, the idea behind the masks and the name, and their future goals. Here's the full interview:

2023 is almost over, what was the highlight of it and why? 

It was a great year for us! Probably the best one of our career so far! A lot of music: collab with Oliver Heldens (Blue Monday), with Hardwell (Loneliness), with Tujamo (Don’t Stop), with MATTN (Komodo) and official remix for David Guetta (Baby Don’t Hurt Me). We also had a lot of big shows this year: Tomorrowland, Ushuaia with David Guetta, Electric Love in Austria, World Club Dome in Germany, Medusa Festival in Spain, and approximately 100 shows in the whole year. We’re more than happy and we’ll work more and more the make it even better next year! 


You have treated us with many releases until today, do you have anything else left for the last part of 2023? 

Yes we still have one release with Laidback Luke coming out on Mixmash at the end of November, and our usual “Best Of 2023” Megamashup in it’s not over yet!! 


You have been around for a long time now, looking back to your very first days, what are some of the achievements, songs or even collabs that really helped you stand out? 

Definitely working with David Guetta helped us a lot – we produced several official remixes for him (I’m Good, Don’t You Worry, Baby Don’t Hurt Me, Stay) and we work together on some mash-ups since 5 years now... He’s also inviting us to his “F*** Me I’m Famous” party at Ushuaia in Ibiza in the last  2 years. He’s really inspiring and motivating, so working with him is a privilege for us, and it helped us a lot in the last years. Also the collaborations with Hardwell and Oliver Heldens were great, because we were mainly known for mash-ups, but now we’re improving the original releases and this is like going  from the second division to the Premier Leauge :). Also playing all these big festivals in the last years helped us showing our vision to larger crowds, and this is something that helps spreading the word and engaging new fans. So yeah, after  years of being recognized as “the mash-up duo” we’re now trying to go to the next level.   


How do you choose which artists to collaborate with and which singers for the vocals of a track? 

We really work every day from 9AM to 7PM from Monday to Friday in studio, so we have a lot of demos, ideas, drafts. We work on different projects in the same week, and step by step, building the tracks, we try to have a vision of how could it be if it was a collab with this name or this other name, how would it sound if we had this kind of vocals? So it really happens really naturally, working every day and trying to build the tracks organically, without being forced, just following our taste. It’s a little big like gardening (LOL) we take it easy, but we know it takes time, and we try to spend as much time as we can in the studio.  


What was the idea behind the helmets and your name? 

It was really random – in the beginning the message of the helmet was “Don’t look at this anonymous face, just focus on music”... but it turned out to be our trademark...when we started playing small shows in our hometown, we saw people coming to the dj booth to take some photos with us (we were totally unknown back then) so we thought “this is going to work” and here we are 13 years later with these trademark faces :). The name was also a way to say “we are DJS – we wanted to have the word DJS in the name, to clear things up. Dance music, especially 10-20 years ago – was not considered “real music” but something made with computers, with a fake singer, you remember those shows with a random guy playing a fake keyboard with no cables... we wanted to say we are Djs. That’s what we do. And also, we wanted to do something different. Unique. And what’s more different than aliens? So the name came by itself...  


What are your goals/ambitions for next year? 

Of course more music, more music, and even more music. We have a direction now so we are full of energy when we are in studio, we know what to do. That’s something that doesn’t happen really often, so we’re trying to take advantage of this “grace moment” do produce as much as we can. So yeah, stay tuned cause a lot of music is coming in 2024...


Fun Question: Have you ever thought of playing on Planet Mars?:) 

That would be amazing haha! But not sure if they love dance music, we’re definitely gonna check and see if it will be possible :), that would make totally sense for us! 

About DJs From Mars

DJs From Mars is an Italian DJ and production duo known for their eclectic and humorous approach to electronic dance music. Comprising members Max Aqualuce and Luca Ventafunk, the duo rose to prominence with their unique style of blending diverse genres and mashing up popular tracks. Their extraterrestrial personas and signature alien masks have become iconic, adding an entertaining visual element to their performances. DJs From Mars gained international recognition with their bootleg remixes and mashups, fusing everything from pop and rock to EDM and hip-hop into a seamless, high-energy musical experience.

With a career spanning over a decade, DJs From Mars have built a global fanbase through their innovative mixes and engaging live shows. They are celebrated for their ability to seamlessly blend seemingly unrelated tracks into cohesive and dance-worthy sets. In addition to their DJing prowess, the duo has also released original productions, further solidifying their status as dynamic and influential figures in the electronic music scene.

DJs From Mars

Image Credit: DJs From Mars Facebook / Website


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