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Gui Boratto unveils his melodic tune ‘Pilgrim’

Cat Dealers Tomorrowland Music

Gui Boratto, also known as the Brazilian legend, debuted his brand-new, upbeat song, 'Pilgrim', today on Tomorrowland Music. One of the most well-known electronic music producers in Brazil, Boratto is known for his luminous releases that are infused with love and humanity and is also a master of wonderfully created sound design. A singular masterpiece in its own right, 'Pilgrim' travels through a variety of upbeat and melodic grooves. It is a hypnotic track with feel-good components from the outset that will send listeners on the most extraordinary of adventures.

'Pilgrim' is out now via all platforms.

'Pilgrim' by Gui Boratto is the first of a collection of specially curated festival releases by Tomorrowland Music leading up to Tomorrowland Brasil, celebrating the return of Tomorrowland to Brazil on October 12-14, 2023 by gathering some of the most prominent artists in electronic music on Tomorrowland’s record imprint.

Gui Boratto: “Dive into the future of sound with my latest track on our new compilation. It's a sonic adventure that will ignite your senses and move your soul. Join me in this electronic journey, where music transcends boundaries.”

Cat Dealers Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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