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GORDO reunites with Drake producing two tracks off 'For All the Dogs' album

GORDO For All The Dogs

GORDO's collaboration with Drake on his latest album 'For All the Dogs' showcases his versatility and ability to blend different musical styles. After their successful partnership on Drake's surprise album 'Honestly Nevermind' last year, GORDO reunites with the rapper for two new tracks on this album.

In 'Gently', GORDO taps into his Latin background and underground sound, creating a record featuring Drake and Bad Bunny. The track reflects GORDO's ability to fuse Latin influences with contemporary beats, showcasing his production prowess in the Latin music scene.

On 'Rich Baby Daddy,' GORDO takes a different direction, crafting a hip-hop style beat that allows artists Sexyy Red, SZA, and Drake to showcase their creative verses. This track highlights GORDO's adaptability as a producer, catering to different genres and collaborating with diverse artists.

GORDO's reputation as a producer has soared, earning him the top spot on Billboard's Hot 100 Producer chart. His willingness to experiment with his style and collaborate with a range of artists has contributed to his success. His Latin house sound has graced festival mainstages and clubs worldwide, and he has become a viral sensation, especially after his performances at Coachella and his Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1.

Beyond his musical achievements, GORDO has also made a meaningful impact by launching educational initiatives in Latin America. His commitment to social causes, combined with his musical talent, showcases his holistic approach to his craft.

GORDO's collaboration with Drake on 'For All the Dogs' solidifies his position as a sought-after producer and highlights his ability to seamlessly blend different musical worlds.

GORDO's letter to Drake: "Brother, thank you for believing in me when everyone else had written me off. Thank you for trusting my vision, trusting my ear, and most importantly trusting my talent. It’s an honor to be a part of this masterpiece 'For all the Dogs' - Gordo"

You can listen to 'For All the Dogs' here.

GORDO For All The Dogs

Images Credit: The Media Nanny Press


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