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GORDO and Adriatique join forces for the first time on techno smash ‘With You’

Gordo & Adriatique

After more than a year of collaboration, GORDO and the Swiss electronic music duo Adriatique are releasing their first-ever joint track, 'With You’. Adriatique, hailing from Switzerland, have been prominent figures in the house and techno scene since 2009. Their electronic expertise, combined with the Latin influences of GORDO, has resulted in an electrifying dance floor-focused track. The song was released on September 29th via Ultra Records, along with official 'With You' merchandise.

'With You’ kicks off with a pulsating combination of kick drum and baseline, setting the energetic tone. Claps, hi-hats, and snares gradually build up, creating anticipation. A distorted yet emotional vocal takes center stage, delivering the message, “Don’t worry about tomorrow”, while powerful synth keys dance around the lyrics. The track reaches its climax with an explosive blend of layered sounds, releasing the tension that had been building. This collaboration has produced a powerful electronic song that has received significant support from industry giants like Tale of Us and Korolova.

'With You’ is set to leave a lasting impact on dance floors worldwide as the festival season winds down. Its unique combination of melodies, rhythms, and sonic textures, coupled with its infectious energy, makes it a perfect addition to late-night club scenes, where electronic music enthusiasts come together to celebrate the culture.

You can listen to 'With You' here.

Gordo & Adriatique

Images Credit: The Media Nanny Press


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