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Goom Gum and Sevenn combine forces on ‘Music’

Tomorrowland Music Goom Gum

The prolific duo Goom Gum and the American producer Sevenn have combined their talents for the brand-new joint tune "Music," which was just made available via Tomorrowland Music! On this track, the trio collaborates for the first time and allows their individual energies to flow together to create a potent composition. The roaring vocal symphony, rolling bassline, urgent melody, and spine-tingling breakdown in "Music" provide the perfect atmosphere for a hot night out at the club. Goom Gum just achieved a Beatport number 1 with "Pantheon," and in July, both Goom Gum and Sevenn will perform at Tomorrowland in Belgium.

'Music’ is out now via all platforms.

Goom Gum: “Sevenn has been a huge fan of our tracks, same from our side. He offered us to try some ideas around his voice draft and at the end we built ‘Music’.”

Sevenn: “I’ve been a fan of Goom Gum for such a long time, they’re the most incredible producers. I had felt like if we joined forces, we could make something of epic proportions, and that’s what happened with this tune. I had this groove in my head that was somewhat similar to afro dance and I came up with this more techno sounding vocal idea on top to make it more ominous and serious. I sent it to Goom Gum and we went from there.”

Tomorrowland Music Goom Gum

Image Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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