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Goodboys deliver a catchy house record 'Surrender'


The British duo, Goodboys, just dropped the upbeat and melodic house song "Surrender" via Tomorrowland Music. The Goodboys' house-oriented drops, voices, and rhythms are all present in 'Surrender,' which also features a range of catching vocals and grooves that are sure to remain in any listener's brain. The song, which is the newest addition to the UK duo's stacked record of hits and their second original release on Tomorrowland's imprint after 'Jack Flip' last summer, is ideal for playing repeatedly in clubs and on festival stages around the world.

'Surrender’ is out now via all platforms.

Goodboys: “For us the song is about meeting someone who completely changes your life for the better, someone who makes you feel light again, or ‘alive again’. Whilst also understanding that any relationship there is a tradeoff, because to continue there is an element of surrendering to the other person. Like sacrificing time or giving something up because you care. The track came about really quickly because the bounce from the day we made the song sounded close to finished, a few tweaks and we were pretty much ready to go!”

Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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