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Ferreck Dawn and Mila Falls collab on soothing ‘On & On’

British singer-songwriter Mila Falls and Dutch top-charting producer Ferreck Dawn have jointly created the dreamy, calming anthem 'On & On', which was just published on Tomorrowland Music. For almost 20 years, Ferreck Dawn, known for his distinctive, sensuous tech house sound, has been perfecting the dance music genre. Ibiza's golden sunsets and a sense of sorrow are perfectly captured in the song "On & On," which also captures a special energy that keeps throbbing and developing dramatically throughout the music. Following his amazing performance at the renowned Belgian event, Ferreck Dawn releases 'On & On', his second track on the Tomorrowland imprint after 'Cloud 9' in January.

‘On & On' is out now via all platforms.

Ferreck Dawn: “I had such a great session during last ADE with Mila. We had a great vibe instantly and when I played her the backing track, she came up with this topline idea. We wanted it to sound a bit pitched and sampled. Really happy how it turned out, feels like the perfect fit.”

Mila Falls: “’On & On’ was created at Cruise Control Studios in Amsterdam at ADE. With both the production and topline, we felt a real sense of melancholy meets golden sunsets in Ibiza. It’s a romantic song about living in the moment, letting go of all inhibitions and finding your passion. We wanted to make a song with an almost dream like energy that keeps pulsating and building dynamically throughout the track, we hope you love it.”

Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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