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Felix Jaehn & Jonas Blue release ‘Past Life’

In their latest collaboration, Felix Jaehn and Jonas Blue present "Past Life," a progressive uptempo dance tune that captures the feeling of a deep connection with someone new, as if they were known from a past life. The track, featured on Felix Jaehn's "Happy Rave" EP, is not only catchy but also energy-packed, destined to make its mark on global charts and dance floors.

The artists, who first met in 2016, have successfully blended their musical styles to create a vibrant and infectious track that reflects their shared passion for electronic music. Felix Jaehn expresses his excitement about the collaboration, and this enthusiasm resonates in every beat of the song.

Felix Jaehn says: "I am beyond excited to release my second collab with Jonas Blue today!"

You can listen to 'Past Life' here.

Felix Jaehn and Jonas Blue

Images Credit: The Media Nanny Press


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