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Felix Jaehn and Jonas Blue’s hit ‘Past Life’ gets three new reimaginations with different remixes

Felix Jaehn and Jonas Blue

The summer hit "Past Life" by Felix Jaehn and Jonas Blue has captured the hearts and minds of fans worldwide. Now, the single receives a breath of fresh air with three new remixes by some of the most promising talents in the dance music scene: Clean Bandit, KOVEN, and Jodie Harsh. As of today, all three remixes are available on all streaming platforms via Virgin Records.

"Past Life" has amassed over 5 million streams on Spotify alone and secured a spot in the Top 30 Airplay in Germany, proving to be an inspirational single for both fans and artists. The remixes showcase different interpretations of the acclaimed original single, each artist infusing their unique style while maintaining the heartfelt essence crafted by Felix Jaehn and Jonas Blue.

Clean Bandit leads the remix series with their spin on "Past Life", demonstrating the Grammy-awarded trio's ability to blend dance beats with classical cello melodies. Known for their skyrocketing music career and over 6.4 billion streams on Spotify, Clean Bandit has become one of the industry's most popular and beloved trios, with global hits like "Rockabye", "Symphony" and "Rather Be".

Jodie Harsh presents the second remix, offering an uplifting and electrifying reimagining of the original track. Known for her signature style within the EDM scene, influenced by elements of 90s house, disco, hip-hop, and the vogue ball universe, Jodie Harsh's version adds a unique flavor to "Past Life". The remix series is completed with a fresh installment by KOVEN. Known for their electrifying performances across Europe and Australia and boasting over 370 million streams, KOVEN injects their exhilarating drum and bass elements and sync touches into the track, presenting a faster-paced production in this highly anticipated remix.

This trio of remixes for "Past Life" by Clean Bandit, Jodie Marsh, and KOVEN takes listeners on a joyride through different vibes. Whether you're kicking back or gearing up for a night out, these remixes provide a unique flavor, ensuring "Past Life" stays fresh no matter how many times you hit replay. All remixes are out now on Virgin Records and can be streamed on all platforms.

Images Credit: The Media Nanny Press


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