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Fancy Inc release wavy house heater 'Confessions'

Fancy Inc

STMPD RCRDS and Tomorrowland Music are nearly done with their magnificent joint EP. Together with musician Fredrik Ferrier, Brazilian powerhouse duo Fancy Inc created the wavy house heater 'Confessions', which was co-released today through both labels! The tune begins with eerie vocals and swaying melodies before a powerful progressive bassline enters to add some appeal for the underground dancefloor. The end product is an anthemic club album that invites you to get lost in its seductively ominous noises.

With five releases already under their belts—including "P.R.O.G.2" by DubVision, "Aspirin" by Julian Jordan, "Hurricane" by label head Martin Garrix, Sentinel, and Bonn, "Rewind" by Goodboys, and "Confessions" by Fancy Inc and Fredrik Ferrier—two of dance music's most prestigious record labels will be closing off bigger than ever by co-hosting the STMPD RCRDS x Tomorrowland Music stage at Tomorrowland Belgium on Saturday July 22.

'Confessions’ is out now via all platforms.

Fancy Inc: “‘Confessions’ is an anthem that makes us rejoice for where we are today while remembering those who are no longer with us. We composed an instrumental track to compliment the beautiful mood of the vocal performance. It's rare to hear a song that makes the audience dance and think at the same time. We hope we've accomplished that. We're proud to be releasing ‘Confessions’ with our friends at Tomorrowland Music and STMPD RCRDS.”

Goodboys STMPD RCRDS Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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