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Dannic and Antoine Delvig join forces for high-energy festival anthem 'Right Now'


Antoine Delvig, a top-charting French musician, and renowned Dutch producer Dannic have collaborated on the high-energy festival song 'Right Now', which was just published on Tomorrowland Music. With festival season in full swing all around the world, Dannic and Antoine Delvig have unveiled a brand-new tune that forces listeners to dance. It is bursting with their gigantic collaborative energy and perfectly captures the ecstasy and rush of an outdoor event. Prepare to get lost in the music and experience the exhilarating intensity of 'Right Now', which perfectly captures the thrill of live performances and the essence of a festival's peak moment. Following Dannic's electrifying performance on Tomorrowland's captivating The Rose Garden stage, the brand-new song will be released.

'Right Now’ is out now via all platforms.

Dannic: “Teaming up with Antoine Delvig on 'Right Now' has been an incredible experience. We wanted to create a festival anthem that would make the crowd go wild and leave a lasting impression. Get ready to embrace the energy and excitement of this collaboration!”

Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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