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Coppola teams up with Meca for ‘Telesexo’

Tomorrowland Music

Coppola, a rising artist in Brazil, collaborated with fellow countryman Meca, a DJ and producer, to bring in life the catchy and exquisitely arranged tune 'Telesexo', which was just published on Tomorrowland Music. The captivating instrumental, funky record 'Telesexo' was carefully and precisely made, and it has a refined, pleasant atmosphere. With a sound that veers between electronic and experimental, two of Brazil's best musicians have produced a calming and varied listening experience of delightful instrumentals.

The song 'Telesexo' by Coppola & Meca is a part of a series of festival releases that Tomorrowland Music has carefully selected in the run-up to Tomorrowland Brasil. This celebration of Tomorrowland's return to Brazil from October 12–14 next month, brings together some of the most well-known electronic music artists on Tomorrowland's record label.

Coppola & Meca: “We started ‘Telesexo’ with the pads at the beginning, which created the entire song's ambiance. A curiosity of this track is that we made the bassline using Roger Taylor's ‘Fender Precision’ from Queen and the main synth which is the last drop was the most difficult to make, it took hours of modulation until it was the way we wanted it. Since we started playing this track, our fans have been asked a lot about the release date. We have big expectations for this release!”

'Telesexo' is out now via all platforms.

Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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