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Coachella fined with $117,000 for curfew violations


Coachella hit with $117,000 fine for going over curfew during festival's weekend 1. As stated, the curfew is at 1am on Friday and Saturday and midnight on Sunday and the fines applies for every minute over the curfew. More analytically, the first five munutes over the curfew cost $20,000 and another $1,000 for every additional minute after it.

The sets over the weekend obviously surpassed the curfew, on Friday it went over 25 minutes, on Saturday over 22 minutes and on Sunday over 22 minutes, leading to a total of $117,000. Of course, for the festival-goers worth every dollar of it, however for the festival, the reasons that led to these fines were obviously timing and audio issues, during the sets of Bunny and BLACKPINK, forcing Calvin Harris to go over his set times unintentionally and Frank Ocean to perform an hour after his scheduled time.

For the festival-goers that missed the first weekend, Coachella began to upload many of the sets on the social media platforms.

Coachella Weekend 2 is happening this weekend 21-23 April and we can't wait to see if curfew restrictions will apply again, hopefully not this time though.

You can find the full lineup of the second weekend of Coachella below.


Images Credit: Coachella Facebook


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