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Brigado Crew and Goom Gum join forces on ‘Listen’

Argentinian friends Brigado Crew and the prolific duo Goom Gum have collaborated on a new single titled "Listen," released on Tomorrowland Music. This marks the first collaboration between the two melodic house & techno duos, combining their energies to create a powerful composition.

"Listen" has garnered significant support from leading acts in the melodic house and techno genre, including Tale Of Us. The track features a rousing vocal symphony, a rolling bassline, an urgent melody, and a spine-tingling breakdown, making it a well-received weapon across the house and techno DJ community.

For Goom Gum, this collaboration with Brigado Crew is their second release on Tomorrowland's imprint, following their earlier track "Music" released in April of the same year. The collaboration showcases the synergy between the two duos, bringing their distinct styles together to create a compelling piece of electronic music.

Brigado Crew: “We always love Goom Gum music and we’ve been in contact with them for years. Then we made an idea to start working with them, sent it over and they liked it and started working on it immediately. With the days passing, we created like a little monster that all of us love.”

Brigado Crew and Goom Gum Tomorrowland

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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