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Bigfett unveils his new track ‘Signals’

Bigfett Tomorrowland Music

Bigfett, a promising Brazilian artist, debuted his brand-new song, 'Signals', today on Tomorrowland Music! Bigfett has created an appealing, deep, and mesmerizing techno composition, choosing a dark beat and a spine-tingling breakdown. Bigfett is one of the most interesting names to recently emerge on the melodic house & techno scene, with backing from Tale Of Us, CamelPhat, Kevin de Vries, and many others. With a massive finish on top of it all, 'Signals' develops tension and expectation in equal measure, making it a vibe-heavy weapon required for any set.

Bigfett's song 'Signals' is a part of a series of festival releases that Tomorrowland Music has carefully selected in the run-up to Tomorrowland Brasil. This celebration of Tomorrowland's return to Brazil on October 12–14 next month, and it's bringing together some of the most well-known electronic music artists on Tomorrowland's record label.

Bigfett: “The idea of the track came after a great success of my previous track ‘Everything is Energy’. At that time my friends joked saying something like ‘you left everyone in a state of shock, this track is a shock for everyone’ and I kind of liked the funny joke. I started using that synth more often, which resembles a shock. So ‘Signals’ was born, a track with electric shocks and a nice groove – a track dedicated to my dear friends.”

'Signals' is out now via all platforms.

Bigfett Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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