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B Jones debuts on Tomorrowland Music with 'I’ll Keep You High'

B Jones Tomorrowland Music

The brand-new dancefloor hit 'I'll Keep You High', by the Spanish female DJ and producer B Jones, was just released by Tomorrowland Music. The Ibiza-based superstar has selected the ideal crowd-pleaser for an exhilarating club or festival night that is guaranteed to grab dancefloors. The bright and upbeat song starts out with a lot of percussion, Balearic rhythms, electric pop beats, and contagious vocals before transitioning into a bass-heavy, contemporary club stomper with a strong drop.

'I'll Keep You High’ is out now via all platforms.

B Jones performed at Tomorrowland's renowned Mainstage for the first time in Spanish history in 2022, creating history in the field of electronic music. Having already performed at Tomorrowland Winter in March 2023, she's also one of the few artists who is scheduled to perform at the Mainstages of Tomorrowland Belgium in July and Tomorrowland Brazil in October, making her the first spanish female artists performing in all three Tomorrowland editions in one year.

B Jones: “I’ll Keep You High’ is a fresh and fun commercial dance tune perfect for summer clubs and radio. The Balearic drums on the drop set the groove with high energy bass and sing along vocals, making this record the perfect fusion. I can’t wait to play it at all the festivals during my summer tour and I hope all my fans and DJ colleagues like it as much as I do!"

B Jones Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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