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Antdot teams up with Maz on ‘Learning To Love’

Tomorrowland Music Antdot Maz

Brazilian producers Antdot and Maz have joined forces to release their captivating single 'Learning To Love' on Tomorrowland Music. The track, featuring vocals by Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Noah Henderson, offers a melodic yet pulsing experience filled with lush sounds. This mesmerizing song, a beautifully orchestrated listening experience, is perfect for late nights on the dancefloor or for those reflective moments throughout the day.

'Learning To Love' is part of Tomorrowland Music's specially curated festival releases leading up to Tomorrowland Brasil, marking the festival's return to Brazil on October 12-14, 2023. Antdot and Maz, prominent figures in the Afro House community, have achieved significant success, reaching #1 on Beatport’s Organic House and Afro House charts multiple times in the past year and gaining support from fellow Afro House enthusiasts like Keinemusik.

Antdot: “It's amazing to work with Maz, I always say that besides being a partner, he's my brother! Our connection is very strong and with each release together, I feel like we become more aligned. 'Learning To Love' is both a result of all of this and fuel for more to come! It's a personal achievement to release through Tomorrowland, and we're also very excited for our show in October!”

Maz: “The production process of the track went smoothly even from a distance, Antdot and I have a great connection. It's even more special to know that we'll be releasing it right before our performance at Tomorrowland Brasil! We're very excited for this gig!”

'Learning To Love’ (feat. Noah Henderson) is out now via all platforms.

Tomorrowland Music Antdot Maz

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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