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AN21 reworks Steve Angello’s ‘The Ocean’

The legendary progressive house track 'The Ocean' by Steve Angello has been reworked by Greek-Swedish DJ and producer AN21 and is out today on Tomorrowland Music and SIZE Records. In honor of the 20th anniversary of SIZE Records, label head and member of Swedish House Mafia Steve Angello enlisted the help of his younger brother, a prominent member of the SIZE Records family, to give his iconic single from 2015 a contemporary makeover. The original is given a melodic techno makeover by AN21, who also enable Julia Spada's fascinating vocals to fully develop while also building a sense of tension and expectation that gently builds over the entire song.

'The Ocean' (AN21 Remix) is out now via all platforms.

The 2023 rework of ‘The Ocean’ marks the second release of an exciting collaborative EP by Tomorrowland’s imprint and SIZE Records, celebrating 20 years of SIZE Records this year.

Steve Angello about the collaboration with Tomorrowland Music: "We've always had a thing with Tomorrowland, because we are like-minded and we work for something that we love. Working together with the family of Tomorrowland, I feel like it's meant to be. For us to work with their artists and musical platform, just put out great records, have fun together, perform and enjoy, make people smile - that's what it's all about!"

AN21: “It's an honor to share my remix of ‘The Ocean’ originally by my brother Steve Angello. Ever since this track first graced my ears, I've been captivated by its rhythm and soul. Now, as we celebrate SIZE XX, remixing this song feels like the perfect culmination, marking both an end and a fresh beginning. This remix for me is a journey—a consistent drive that builds up to something truly spectacular. It's a crescendo of emotion and excitement, an interpretation of what the original song means to me.”

Tomorrowland Music

Images Credit: Tomorrowland Press


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